Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my Next Gen Games Blog. My names Alec Bainbridge and I am glad you could join me in this introduction and goals of this year.

The beginning of an Era in my Career in VFX (Visual FX).
I have always wanted to be able to create Lightsaber duels and fight scenes. As I have seen other Youtubers do them as a hobby and also editing their OWN videos. But there were also fight scenes in the movies. The best Visual FX editing was in Revenge of the Sith when Anakin and Obi-wan were fighting against each other on Mustafar. I also liked the newest Visual FX made by no other than Industrial Lights & Magic. They clearly have shown to impress their audience since Star Wars had ruled the cinema and made a record of it. The Star Wars genre has shown a great deal of entertainment and movie making.

Company Logo for ILM (Industrial Lights & Magic)

the-force-awakens-vfx-2-01132016My goal for this first year of the Next Gen Course is to create a really well made Lightsaber duel in VFX. No matter, how scrawny or how importation it is, I will improve each time I do it. I want to make it a primary achievement of mine in my portfolio.


If I do not however decide to go for Visual FX, I will most likely head for a Star Wars genre type of Game Creations etc. Id like to work for either LucasArts or Bioware so I may also put my ideas across for future Star Wars ideas.


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