Ralph McQuarrie Presentation

All of these slides are from the current presentation I gave to the audience aka Next Gen Group 5. I had decided to research and present concept art about Ralph McQuarrie and his Star Wars Concepts and drawings shown again and again throughout the interviews with people like Dave Filoni and George Lucas.

RM Presentation screenshots.PNG


RM Presentation screenshots 2.PNG


RM Presentation screenshots 3.PNG


RM Presentation screenshots 4.PNG


RM Presentation screenshots 5.PNG


RM Presentation screenshots 6.PNG


RM Presentation screenshots 7.PNG


Comment on ADB Presentation #1.PNG

Comment on ADB Presentation #2.PNG

Comment on ADB Presentation #3.PNG

Score Key.PNG

All of these slides and concepts of Ralph McQuarrie, all show a lot of improvement but good scores overall. In my presentation I had assumed the audience had knowledge of the person I was talking about and presenting to the class about. But that was a mistake since if I were to ask someone who was someone who I didn’t know. It would of made my scores even worse and less appreciative.

So next time, I present something to the class I will not automatically assume that they already have knowledge of the persons abilities and success. I will explain and demonstrate how much research I have shown to the class.

I will also recognize that I should add GIF’s to give a good example and make it a little more professional. Next time, I will indulge more into their history and techniques. So I may better my score to get a better score of Mark 3.


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