Concept Artwork

Thankfully, I have now started to learn techniques to improve my drawing and shading capabilities. I have now shown a bit of structure and strength in the character drawings. I have created a better character design using structural lines to support and give myself a easier time of making them look more symmetrical.


I have shown a lot of improvement in structuring my characters and I have given a count on how many lines were involved in this. In my drawings I have given myself time and effort to make sure that I have introduced myself to the concepts of structure lines and making the artwork look more similar each side of the centre line.



We also had to do a  concept of ourselves in adventure time of how we would wish to look like in the little animated series. We had to follow the rules set by the adventure time concept artist who designs the characters.

  • Do not make them sharp, they have to be smooth.


  • Not too complicated of a drawing.


  • No shadings to make the character look more detailed.

We learned about how silhouetting drawings can be so easy to do especially to make more sufficient designs of the drawings. They also create new types of silhouettes with patterns etc.



All of these designs, I have been working and using cropping, Extrusion, Decreasing and increasing the size. I have also been using shapes that work well with the picture. Everything able to give it some texture. We used Photoshop as our software to work on these designs.

Photoshop logo.PNG

Photoshop, an image editing software developed and manufactured by Adobe Systems Inc.Photoshop is considered one of the leaders in photo editing software. The software allows users to manipulate, crop, resize, and correct color on digital photos.

Image result for Revan
Revan and Malak concept art


I have enhanced the colour to Green to make it more better looking which shows a lot of colour alterations etc. I cropped and edited the colour scheme to the picture. I had edited the picture to crop out the other character ‘Malak’.

I have been using Selective colour to edit the photos to ensure the colour change. I could change them through these varieties of colours.


I have used Hue/Saturation to give it a ability to have a green color instead of Blue. They both have the same look but different colours. So I could possibly change from Blue to Purple or Red etc. I chose the colour green because it was a favored colour of mine.


I also changed the Hue and Saturation on this picture to give it a different colour. These techniques are not too hard to learn but easy to do. I will be adding more knowledge to make my photoshop skills to become better and professional.





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