Plan on the Ebon Hawk


I have decided to base my ship off the Ebon Hawk, Dynamic-Class Freighter.

The ship has a lot of different smooth and sharp edges on the ship design. It has a distinct shape on the ships hull. I have designed the part that will be instrumental to the ships structure.

I used different techniques like Extrusions, Movement and Line Editing.

  • Extrusion Tool


  • Movement Tool


  • Rotation Tool


Alternate Extrusion Tool



First I create the basic and easiest part of the building of the ship. The Hull, made to take damage of any capacity of Blaster fire or Cannon fire. I decided to use the Extrusion and Alternate Extrusion tools to give me a good resemblance to the ships hull. I have yet to put Engine parts and pipes, Turret, Cockpit and Landing Gear to make it look realistic as possible.

Ebon Hawk Screenshot #1.PNG
First Screenshots of building the Ebon Hawk


I used extrusions to create a different shape to show a structure on the Ebon Hawk. I also used different blocks shaped to match the ships middle hull compartment. I am mainly focusing on the least detailed parts of the ship and looking to create the main parts of the ship. I have clearly shown and used different shapes like Cube, Sphere and Cylinder to which they help me to create a better approach on the shaping of the ship. The Sphere in the middle represents the Turret used to fire upon the TIE Fighters presented in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Second Screenshots of building the Ebon Hawk


Although, with a little amount of detail and similarity to the picture. It has yet some similarity, I yet show a lot of improvement from my last work on the model.

Third Screenshots of Building the Ebon Hawk


Although without texture and any detail, just mainly structure and significant similarity. I am working on making a exact and perfect resemblance of the Freighter called ‘The Ebon Hawk’. I yet show a lot of promise to the model, I have almost finish the most basic parts of the ship. But this is only the beginning of creating the Ebon Hawk perfectly. Next I will be adding detail to the ships exterior.



I have given 2 hours into this ship. I added parts like Guns, Turrets and indenting parts which give it shape and detail. The cockpit also has windows now as well. The Guns Show significance and also provides a good shape. I have given the cockpit parts to make the window look more detailed and shadowed.

My feedback given to me was basically to make it my own design and add my own designs to it to make it more unique.

Ebon Hawk Screenshot #5.PNG


In this step, I had added them to be combined all together, to finish off my model. In the future, I will disassemble these parts and put Textures on to match the colour scheme and rustiness of the ship’s exterior in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Ebon Hawk Screenshot #6.PNG



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