Room 117 aka Walking Simulator

Walking Simulator Room 117

 We have been working on our Unity skills.I had created a double room. I have given it quite a bit of darkness to give it a dark feeling. I will be adding more effects to it. I feel that it was way too darkened and you were not able to see the textures on the Unity map.

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I also developed and provided different scripts to show my progress and also provide certain things such as mouse locking. Also the torch was added to give it a dark feeling. The scripts required and created using the software Mono-develop.


This software is quite useful and should be preferred to most people doing scripts in the Unity game. It provides different services that benefit you it provides a auto select. So it guesses what type of code you are writing.

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All Materials and Models involved in the making of the walking simulator. I also added a few textures to give the rooms a bit more texture. A few textures which show wood and concrete texture.




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