Autodesk Mudbox: Project Revan 2.0

I have brought it upon myself to create a face for Revan in Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG Game from 2010. I will work my way up to designing this face. I have to learn techniques to create facial hair and hair in general.


There is a certain flashpoint named ‘The Foundry’ which consists of a long mission diving into the depths of Revan being Reborn and how he has not recovered from being imprisoned and tortured for 300 years. As the Emperor Vitiate ravaged his mind.

Revan floating in Maelstrom Prison.jpg

He immediately decided to make a quick move to destroy the emperor. By finding and activating a Foundry made by the Rakatan tribes in the old days of the Republic. But was ultimately killed by a Imperial Strike team sent by the Sith Empire.


His face showed great burns created by Emperor Vitiate in the book named Revan.


My First Attempt


My Second Attempt


I will continue this attempt, since it shows a great deal of similarity with is cheeks and eye socket structure.


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