Creating scripts for Ship in a project


The ship is made for the specifics of Unity 2D Games. We had created a script to help with Engine power and rotation of the ship. We used different scripting using to


The script for the Ship is called Ship-Controller. We used something called a C# Script which is seen inside the Unity Player. It also provides a monodevelop which is a software where we can edit with the scripts.


This picture shows what consists inside the ship above. The Transform locates where it should be and how big you wanted it. It will also be able to scale, or even rotating objects or models.

Ship Controller, script consists of things like Rigidbodys and the power to be able to change the Engine Power and Rotation Power too to your benefits or differences. Each part had a Rigidbody 2D. I also decided to decrease the Gravity Scale by 1 to make it 0.


The Variables also give a look into debugging logs, however this is just a example of scripting.



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