Animate PlayStation Logo design

In our lesson today, we had to create different effects in Visual FX using Adobe After Effects. We had gained a picture basically resembling the logo of PlayStation. I added different effects which I will explain below.


In our lesson, I had decided to use different features like Scaling and Rotating. We also had to add a Null which was basically a parenting object where you can make Square, Triangle and Circle objects which we had added.


When we used Rotations, we had to keep in mind how much we rotate it and make it look good in the final part of this. I had decided to make sure at the 5th second, that it was aligned with the shape at the back.


It was my job to make sure the final design, looked good and I will be making my techniques and knowledge of logo designing and animating. My final goal will be to achieve a design of my own creation and make it satisfying to my goals.


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