Creating Textured UV’s

In today’s lesson 11/11/2106.

Our lesson, we had to create a fully UV Textured Plan and map. I had shown skill in creating different styles of textures which resembled the same on both sides. I had also used different alternatives on Photoshop which I had used for example Brightness/Contrast to show how much brightness or contrast I wanted. I made it darkened so it could resemble a strong metal texture.

Also, in the lesson we had learned about the differences between each shader like Lambert, Blinn, Phong and PhongE. Each had differences, as you can see the shaders. There are different types of lighting. You could also change the colour of the lighting to match the sphere.


The Ship, textured fully.

Matt's Ship UV Texture example.PNG

The Software I used for my UV Wrapping and texturing were as follows.


I had used textures from the website


I used these two textures to create a Metal texture for the hull of the ship and then a Glass texture for the windows.

Matt's Ship UV Snappyshot.png

UV Map, I created to show my skill with texturing. I have used texturing for purposes in ROBLOX to make a realistic look for my ROBLOX Clothing. I have been working on my skills with UV Wrapping. Next, I will be UV Unwrapping my ship I had created called the ‘Ebon Hawk’


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