Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG Game Review


The game graphics show quite a lot of detail. It uses a game engine named Hero Engine. It uses quite a lot of different graphic options. I have seen a quite amazing detail in even Medium Graphic Settings.


The settings for Graphics such as this shows a great deal of options to Texture Quality, Shader Complexity, Character Level of Detail, Texture Anisotropy and Shadow Quality. Then some little options like Grass and Tree Quality.

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The Stories created by BioWare Corp, were very satisfying and completely follow the line of action. They show a great deal of in depth knowledge and they all seem to follow the same path and intertwine with each other. I have played only a few such as the Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior and Republic Trooper.


These show skills which make your level better each time you level up. The highest level cap is Level 65. The only way this is possible is when you pay for Subscriber Status aka Subscriptions.


Equipment Slots, each of these slots have different items which are specifically made for it. Items can be very efficient and also rare. They also have a colour code for each item, for each slot.




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