Roblox Studio (3D Modelling)

In my bid, to increase my skill with 3D modeling I have used a feature in one of the games I play called ROBLOX. It allows me to create places and models that I can use in my places that I get given within the community and website.

I have already made a few projects and showed a lot of improvement through each project. I have went into different features and genres such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Medieval, Halo and Military modern based genres.

I have seen many projects and places created by others, very skilled in what they do. I am to follow in their footsteps and hopefully learn how to properly build with detail and structuring my builds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have quite a bit to go with 3D modeling but I will succeed in time, I have to make more and more time and practice into my work some of them projects I had teamwork into it. But mostly I structured it to make it lively and structured and preserved. Give it the look that it is real and memorable.


Winterfell Thumbnail, created for my place.



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