Creations using Maya Animation

In our lesson today, we had to learn how to create a frame by frame animation Using different techniques we have been tasked with creating and maneuvering and resizing the block I had created to move and resize in a certain direction. in general, it was to make a move from left to right while resizing and moving.

We also practicing Character Riggings, so we made our own animations for the Rig we were given. So it could do thing’s like below. The Swordsman wielding his Sword and Shield.

Sword Draw 2.gif

As you can see from above the animation speaks for itself. In order to do this, we had to follow instructions given to us by our lecturer. Below you may see a certain diagram of Animation Frames on each frame as you may see each position of the wolf has different stances for their movement. In order to gain such a good looking animation, you must add as many frames possible to give it uniqueness and strength to its movements.




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