Animation Production Week Two




I like the design I put on the sword to make it look like you’d find a similiar type of sword in Game of Thrones or even in any Medieval Movie or TV Show.



I like the simplistic and look of this hammer to fit the look of a hammer in a movie that a blacksmith would use to forge a sword.



The Anvil has a simplistic look but it also looks realistic in shape.

All of the models are ready for production of a Animation. All that remains is the next stage which is to produce a suitable animation.

Below you will see the storyboard to see how the plan is meant to go. The first scene shows the Hammer above the Sword to allow the audience to know whats about to happen. Then the camera changes to a different cycle to a more close and above angle, so you can see the animation. Then the Camera then tunes in and the Blade slowly turns orange from being smashed over and over.



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