Artwork Pieces

Using Pencil and a Felt tip pen, I decided to create a few pieces of art from two particular Characters in a grand franchise.

Jon Snow and Rodrik Forrester

By using these characters as representations for my pieces of artwork, it was also a wanting to improve my drawing skills and perhaps show a bit of independent look to the drawings.

In the Jon Snow portrait photo, I decided to not add the Eyes or the lips as a difference between the two drawings. In my drawing of Jon Snow I decided to go for a sort of retro look for the drawing adding different shading techniques and different types of shapes etc. I also didn’t decide to draw the whole figure due to the fact, I wanted it to blend in with the page.

However, in Rodrik Forrester’s drawing you can see a lot of detail has been put into the drawing. For example his scars to show the damage on his face and contrast of personality from being a humble man to a wise Lord of a House in the famous Telltale Game of Thrones Series.



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