Portfolio Perspective

I had presented my Portfolio in front of my lecturers in my class and shown them what I can do and what future ambitions I would like to add to my portfolio.

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Before the Christmas break of 2016 I had to present a portfolio presentation showcasing the work I have been doing since the start of the course in September. I have worked on a considerable amount of class assigned projects and the odd personal project I wanted to design.

So the presentation was done in Google Slides with multimedia sections added in which allowed me to showcase images and video from my coursework.

The goal was to present the portfolio and show the lecturers to see what I was capable of and what I needed to improve on within the 10 minutes maximum.

So I went over in basic detail everything I have done leading into that current state of what class work I was doing. Since then the person I was presenting to almost gave me instant feedback for the work I created, and how the layout of the entire presentation was.

The work I had presented was showing what I could do and what my ambitions were. I also had to show certain features which were completely out of what we were getting taught to do. For example, my skills in creating textures and shadings of different designs for a game called ‘ROBLOX’ which I sell Clothing templates to the customers who decide to ask for a certain design to be made. For example, I had different images to work seen below.



This was the advice given to me by my lecturers who were present when I presented my portfolio.

Try to not use images which aren’t yours. Great evolution of 2d drawings showing creativity and clean lines. try to scan drawings rather than phone camera photos. Check your files work before you present!!! Remember your portfolio should just be your work! Good 3d modelling showing strong forms. Bigger images please – showcase your work in all its glory. Great evolution of modelling – you’re starting to get it! Good experimentation with detailed texturing in photoshop. No VFX. No game design. No animation.

The advice given to me was instructive and very helpful towards giving me advice on presenting my portfolio.


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