Visual FX – Sky Replacement

In our lesson today, we were given the task of putting clouds into no skies picture. In this case we were given a few pictures to work on. But I felt these two were the perfect two to work on.

In my layers I structured it correctly to make sure that it looked very accurate. I duplicated the background to make sure the tree’s and the background were sufficient. I also decided to use the effect ‘Linear colour key’ which is a tool I used to make the Sky that is on the background to make it transparent so the clouds were able to be seen.


Layers from Replacing Skies


Then I decided to feather out the sky to make it look more natural. Then in order to add a bit of detail or texture I decided to add a X-Wing or TIE Fighter that I decided to add to the picture to add my own concept of it all.

Xwing chasign Tiee.PNG




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