I am hoping to do a Valryian Sword from HBO TV Series Game of Thrones. I am hoping to create Longclaw a Valryian Sword wielded by Jon Snow.


I have researched about the sword itself about how its designed and how it was made. The Swords hilt design was based off a Viking Sword and the Patterns on the steel is reported to be Damascus Steel.


The term “Damascus steel” can refer to two different types of ferrous (containing iron) materials characterized by the watery pattern produced from the controlled mixture and physical manipulation of the iron and steel. Western Europeans were first introduced to this material around the 3rd-4th centuries from the historical trading center of Damascus, in present-day Syria. While there are examples of this material being produced in Damascus itself, its technical and physical origins are from India and the Middle East. Damascus steel is not to be confused with damascene, which is a process of inlaying gold leaf onto the surface of steel for the purpose of decoration.

Longclaw’s Scabbard has a very unique design as well, as it is built for the sword to be put in. It has Gold and Black colours to match the colours of the swords hilt.




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